Go State!

This is how much I love my husband:  I cheered for Michigan State tonight against a team from Indiana!

I am not from Michigan, and have always kind of scorned the state.  But then I married a Michigander!  Then my life changed.  Now I cheer them!  I still am not a fan of the Blue and Gold (or plain ole’ Blue and Yellow, for that matter!), but since Dustin’s family are hardcore State fans, I guess I had to become one! –Particularly when Dustin assertively declared yesterday that WE would be watching the game tonight!– The worst of it is that the opposing team tonight was from my home state, Indiana!  (Not that I knew anything about them before tonight either…)  The truth is, I like teams because of their relation to me or those I love!  Here’s my spirit, even though they lost…

Butter cookies...Dustin really liked them!
Go Green!

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