What the United States Truly Needs

Which course is America currently on, according to history? In which ways could the United States literally implode? Does God still have a plan for America? These questions, and many like them, are well presented, documented, and answered by Joel C. Rosenberg in his most recent work, Implosion: Can America Recover from Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time?


Being a fan of Mr. Rosenberg’s political thrillers, it was not difficult to pick up Implosion. I found this non-fiction book very relevant, in my opinion, to the situations our nation faces in the present. The exciting and gripping style that the author uses in his fiction writings shows itself at times in Implosion as well. Facts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner, definitely not feeling too cumbersome. Several chapters of theories as to what could cause the United States to “implode” are revealed in a way that causes the reader to think, but without trying to create or expound upon conspiracy theories. Rosenberg is very mainstream in his hypotheses, yet still remains thought-provoking.

I bought this book on Amazon for my Kindle (like pretty much every book I’ve bought in the last two years), and found the quality of Tyndale’s Kindle publishing to be of high-quality, yet again. There were no obvious typos or formatting errors that I saw.

In the first chapters of Implosion, the author answers, in detail, many questions that the average American citizen (or politician for that matter) may have concerning the Bible, and specifically: end times prophecy. Several questions are answered about whether America is mentioned in Biblical prophecy, and what role she could play in the future events of this world. Again, Mr. Rosenberg is very realistic in his assumptions. In no way does he delve into implausible, manufactured theories that rely simply on being culturally outrageous. He is clear and objective in prophetic matters.

About one-third of the way into the book, Joel C. Rosenberg begins to play out multiple scenarios that could cause the United States to implode upon herself. From economic collapse and terrorism, to natural disasters and the rapture, facts are presented for each case, and how this nation could become nearly insignificant in world events in the near future. Then, as if to show the reader the truth behind all of the facts, the author declares the true implosion of America that has already begun: spiritual apathy.

After showing the reality of America’s overall spiritual condition by different modern and historical figures, the author takes the reader back 250 years ago, to the First Great Awakening. During that time, men such as George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and the Wesley brothers were used by God to literally transform colonial America from hard-necked “religious” pragmatists  into an overall Spirit-sensitive group of people. What seemed like insurmountable spiritual deadness was completely trodden down to make place for a historic Christian revival: with souls saved, lives turned around, and families mended.

Even 70 years after the First Great Awakening, though, a coldness had once again developed towards Godly things. The Enlightenment had put a damper on churches, to the point where most Protestant ministers even seemed unregenerate. Then, through prayer, fasting, and God’s Divine Providence, a revival spread from the ports of the east coast to the furthest frontiers. Whole families and towns were born-again. Church attendance and the number of churches in general rose tremendously. It was because God is more powerful than any human tendency toward spiritual decay; and because just a few of God’s people, again, prayed, fasted, and sought the Lord concerning the state of their neighbors.

What Joel Rosenberg brought to light at the end of the book was the need–not for a political revival–but a true, Spirit-driven Great Awakening. I have to admit, I have been paying very close attention to this current election cycle. It is very easy to get caught up into the politics of everything, and attach your hope of the future of the United States to a candidate. In no way am I saying that we should be disengaged (quite the opposite, in fact, as Rosenberg explains); however, as Christians, we must examine ourselves and not throw our hope into any political change. An American change back to the roots of her founding can only happen if America’s people seek the God of their founding.

Mr. Rosenberg concludes Implosion with a challenge for Christians to look inward. Are we seeing revival in our own lives? Are we praying for national revival? Are our families gathering around the Bible together daily to worship the Lord? Or are we simply too concerned about earthly things to make time to pray and seek God through His Word? Implosion was a refreshing, encouraging, and challenging book that I think any concerned American should read. I picked this book up thinking it would be political, but found that it was not just the typical current-events rant. Implosion doesn’t simply list out all of the problems with America: it gives the honest and Biblical solution.

What’s Going On?

So, here we are — its fall now, right? Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve written on the old blog. I really do want to get more consistent with the whole blogging thing! But then again, I have no apologies! So, what’s been happening since I last gave a good family update? Let me list a few things:

  • We took a little family trip to Washington DC in August. Did we see any of the typical attractions? Nope. It was just fun to get away! But then again, we did get to attend an awesome Romney 2012 rally in Springfield, VA. Yes, I got to shake Paul Ryan’s hand!
  • Summer was very hot. I see it on my electric bill. I don’t have too many complaints, though. It’s still not a whole lot more than we used to pay in our apartment, which was half the square-footage of our house.
  • Our church’s big events in the summer all went extremely well. I was able to spend the week at our camp in Hanover.
  • We have now been homeowners for a year now! We love it. And our yard is starting to really look nice, after a year of it looking like a football field after 4 hours of cleats.
  • I learned through multiple sources that, when typing, the thing is now that you’re only supposed to put one space after a period, not two. I have started doing that. Also, I heard that the Oxford comma is way out of style. But I still use it. It makes way more sense to me.
  • I have continued to gain a lot of software development knowledge through my employer. Actually, in about 10 days, I get to go to a training course put on by Oracle at my company’s headquarters in New Hampshire. My family gets to come with me for the week also.
  • God has blessed in so many ways. I could easily name a hundred things he’s done in our lives and others’ in the last several months.

And I think that’s it. Oh…wait, you all probably wanted to hear about ALLEN, not us. Oh, pictures! You want to see those too? Okay, if you want.

Staying in the family business…
Looking mischievous…yes, he can crawl now.
Being a ham for the camera…
Crazy sideways cap…
Definitely just smiling a fake smile for the camera…
I just think this picture is awesome…

Lately, Allen has learned to sit up, pull himself up to stand, crawl, and pick things up with his thumb and index finger. He’s definitely growing up quickly.

And, as a whole, we are doing great as a family. Allen is starting to understand what “yes” and “no” means, and that it’s not fun to disobey. It’s funny: if only the rest of us could understand when God says “yes” and “no”, and that’s it’s not fun when we disobey Him too.

So, that’s what’s going on right now in Windsor Twp, PA with the Speckhals’. You can follow Andrea or myself on Twitter if you aren’t already. If you don’t have an account, you can still see the things we post.