Fill the Earth with Praise

I came across the hymn, Fill the Earth with Praise recently, and have come to really appreciate it.  I love how doctrinal the words are throughout it.  On occasion, I believe that it is very beneficial to dwell on an old, perhaps more “lofty” anthem, with words that require you to think.  Isaac Watts wrote the text for this hymn, and recently, Soundforth (yes, I know, Bob Jones University, but bear with me here) set a melody composed by Sir Hubert Parry called Jerusalem (essentially the UK’s un-official national anthem) with the text by Isaac Watts.

Preview of Fill the Earth with Praise –It is the sixth track in the album.

by Sir Isaac Watts, Robert Spence, Sir Hubert Parry, and Richard Nichols.

From all that dwell below the skies,
Let the Creator’s praise arise;
Let the Redeemer’s Name be sung
Through ev’ry land, by ev’ry tongue.


Chorus: In ev’ry land begin the song;
To ev’ry land the strains belong;
In cheerful sounds all voices raise,
And fill the earth with loudest praise.


Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord;
Eternal truth attends Thy Word.
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Until suns rise and set no more.


Your lofty themes, ye mortals, bring,
In songs of praise divinely sing;
The great salvation loud proclaim,
And shout for joy the Savior’s name.

Catching Up…

Here are some pics from the past few months…I know we haven’t exactly been faithful bloggers, but here’s a brief update!

Dad Speckhals came for a visit back in April, and while he was here we all went to see Fort McHenry.  Then we took the opportunity to again visit Shady Maple’s grand buffet in Lancaster County –It’s always a good day when you get to go to Shady Maple!

The same flag pole that flew the Star-Spangled Banner

Next we took a little “getaway” to Virginia for my birthday.  We were in the Shenandoah Valley, and it was beautiful…Spring in all it’s glory!  While there we visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home.

On the beautiful front lawn of Monticello
I LOVED all the tulips here! Be thankful I did not post all of them!


Funny tree we saw in the Shenandoah National Park...Skyline Drive


Can you see the rain falling in the distance? Also Shenandoah National Park


Well, as you may have guessed, my husband spoils me!  Almost a month later, he surprised me with a quick overnight trip to New York City for our two-year wedding anniversary!  (Has it really been two years!?!)

We visited Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza, Chinatown, and saw the Brooklyn Bridge and some other historical spots including the Freedom Tower construction, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and a few others.

It was a great trip!



Arguably the most historical spot in America...the place where George Washington gave his first Inaugural Address --the Birth of Democracy!

Construction on the new Freedom Tower...standing where the World Trade Center was formerly.

Why Do We Keep Eating Here?

Andrea and I are starting to become more set in our ways.  Seriously, we eat at Chipotle almost every Monday!  All I have to do, instead of giving excuses and explanations, is post a few pictures:

Burrito Bowl

Andrea’s Burrito Bowl is usually about the same: cilantro-lime rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa (pico de gallo), medium salsa (salsa verde), corn salsa, cheese, crema, and every once and a while–their delicious guacamole.


My burrito has not changed in a long while: cilantro-lime rice, a small amount of pinto beans, chicken, mild salsa, corn salsa, cheese, and lettuce.

Okay, that’s not enough explanation for some.  Here’s an excuse: the tastes are fresh and out-of-this-world good!  Now, neither of us are health food nuts or organic people; but Chipotle truly emphasizes their hormone free products, humanly treated animals, and responsible farming.  Do I care?  Not really.  Does it make the food taste better?  I think so.  Not only are their ingredients mostly “all-natural”, but they are fresh.  I think that people do notice that.  We do.  The food even tastes mildly healthy–yet another thing I usually could care less about–but hey, it makes you feel good!

And yes, we’ll probably still eat here almost weekly!