Red Lion, PA

BorologoThis borough (as they say in Pennsylvania) will be the new home of the Speckhals family as of Monday, the tenth of August.  Red Lion is a very interesting town.  If you look at it on a map, it looks very cramped–and it is.  The traffic can be pretty HORRIBLE too for a town of 6,000.  We really love our new home–which is a beautiful apartment right off the main drag.

Today was the annual Red Lion Street Fair.  Our church set up two booths in the fair: one for Reformers Unanimous and one for the church itself.  We were there this morning for a little while handing out tracts and seeing if there was an opening of sharing the gospel with them.


090808_093926After we spent some time at the booth, we went out bus visiting for the new ministry.  I think it went well, with possible some new riders tomorrow.  Thank the Lord.  We got to walk the whole route today!  Instead of trying to drive around and find parking spaces during the fair, we just took of from the booth and went door knocking.  It was a beautiful day!

After we were finished visiting, we did some serious furniture pickup!  The man in charge of the Reformers booth let us borrow his truck, and out we went.  All of our finds were either from Craigslist at a great price or free along the road.   First we drove a few minutes and got a washer and dryer, both of which were in pretty good condition, especially the dryer.  Then we went and picked up a “double pillow top” mattress at a great price too.  We got back to our apartment, and a few men that were at the church fair booth helped us unload everything.  What a blessing…especially for my wife, since she didn’t have to do it!

After we unloaded that, we got confirmation of a dresser, borrowed someone elses truck to pick up that, and in the process we found a free office desk and coffee table alongside of the road.  More blessings!  The coffee table needs a couple of finishing nails in it–probably the desk too; but other than that, they are terrific!  The coffee table can even fold up so when someone is sitting on the couch, they can lift up on the top and bring it up and towards them at eating level via some hidden hinges.  ‘Not too bad!  Everything we picked up today is already in the apartment too.

My poor wife is a little worn out from all of this running around!  I might be a little too…  We are praying that God will bring some kids on the bus tomorrow, and that He will be glorified on His day tomorrow.

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