Fall is Coming!

Here in York county, the slightest hints of fall are starting to appear.  The trees haven’t quite shown any color or shed any leaves yet; and I think we still have a few warm days left; but we can tell that it’s on the way.  All of this change of seasons remind me of my home state of Michigan.  It’s hard to explain in words the autumn season in the Great Lakes State.  Here are a few things I remember about fall in Michigan: listening to a Michigan State football game on 1240 AM on a Saturday afternoon, the smell of your neighbor’s burning leaves, 50 degree temperatures around the clock, and of course going to the local apple orchard for a gallon of cider and a dozen homemade donuts.

I think that Michigan has some of the best tourism commercials.  I remember going to college in the Chicago area and hearing these on the radio.  I think this one explains the fall in Michigan perfectly:


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  1. Hey, Dustin and Andrea!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog since the time that you left. The reason that I am writing now is to see if it would be possible to get your address. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks:)!!

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