The Longest Week

Exactly one week from the very hour I am writing this, Andrea and I will be on a flight to Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  We are extremely excited, of course!  We have kind of been looking forward to this trip for the past year, and finally it is upon us.  Before we leave, we have some packing to do, as well as things you would never think about just travelling with your family.

Now I am beginning to realize all that my parents went through when we would go on vacation–bills all paid and up to date, refrigerator clean, house clean, all ministries at church covered, caught up with work, etc.  I can never forget before my family would go on vacation the frenzy that my mom would go through just getting the house spotless before we left!  I would always think, and sometimes say, “C’mon, we’re leaving this place!  Why do we have to clean it if we’re not even going to be here!”  She would always say, “I hate coming home to a messy house!”  But guess what, I see what she felt like now!  My wife has got her little list of things to do before, and sure enough, cleaning is at the top of the list!

Anyways, I am trying to get organized with all of the trip planning things.  During the nine day excursion, we stay at three places (two hotels and one bed and breakfast), plan to eat a lot of good food, and see a bunch of neat attractions.  I am glad that the actual place we are going is not very “touristy.”  It is definitely more of the backwater part of Mexico.  I have a few goals listed out that I would like to accomplish while we are there–somewhat in order:

  • Snorkel in the coral reef
  • Swim in a cenote (freshwater sinkholes common in the Yucatan Peninsula)
A Cenote less than a mile from where we are staying
  • Take more pictures than I can count
  • Spend a lot of time at the Mayan ruins in Tulum
The Ruins of Tulum
  • Learn more Spanish
  • Learn to like Mexican food more than I do
  • Visit an indigenous Mexican church (I know that there are no good churches in Tulum, but I would like to try one out to observe, at least)

And here is Andrea’s list of goals:

  • Be around the people and culture
  • Eat tacos
  • Eat tostadas
  • Eat tortas
  • Eat gorditas
  • Drink Jamaica
  • Drink jugo de naranja

Actually, I am just kidding about Andrea!  Although, I am pretty close…To top everything off, we both look forward to the time we get to spend with each other non-stop.  The best vacation in the world with your best friend?  Priceless!

When we get back, I plan on doing something that I have never really tried before: compile our pictures and make a video of our trip.  I have never really delved into the video editing realm yet, but I have always wanted to.  I enjoy graphic editing, so maybe I will like video too!  But if I am successful, I plan on posting it right here on Be Instant.

Until then, though, we have seven days ahead of us in the 30-something degree, wet Pennsylvania weather!   All the better to look forward to the tropics!

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  1. FINALLY!! What every parent waits for…who knew those three little words would mean so much… “I REALIZE NOW…” Yes, there was always a reason to my madness:)

    I would love to swim in a Cenote.

    With all the eating…I am your Mom and I am going to say it…please be careful where you eat (Andrea:)

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