The Stork is Halfway Here!

Well, we’re over the hump…last Monday made twenty weeks, and I think that is officially considered halfway.  Tomorrow will be twenty-one weeks.  And the next Monday, at twenty-two weeks, we will find an answer to the big question:  He or She!?!  (So, you have just about one week to vote.  Please leave a comment including your guess as to Boy? or Girl?  We would love to read everyone’s opinion, and then announce who was correct when we find out!)

I feel this critter a lot now…lots of little taps and pokes!  It is exciting!  And, yes, I am starting to get into Maternity clothes.  My regular clothes have been getting snug for quite a while, and my closet options seem to be diminishing by the week!  I finally got down to a very few skirts that were still wearable, and a friend kindly offered to go maternity shopping with me!  It was such a nice gesture, and turned out to be a very successful trip.  Now there are a few more choices in my wardrobe, and I am just about to plunge whole-heartedly into the maternity look!  I have actually been waiting a bit anxiously for this, excited to wear some of the cute maternity tops I have found or been given!  It is a bit challenging to change your whole wardrobe, though!  Now I have skirts and tops, but not all of them have a matching counterpart, and, well…we’re still sorting things out!  The funny thing is though, that your size is constantly changing (getting bigger, that is!), so something that worked last week may not work this week!  Keeps life interesting!  (All the moms out there are probably laughing at me and my ‘pregnant newbie’ discoveries!)

Speaking of getting bigger, this baby does not help matters when it wants to eat chocolate and sugar all the time.  And of course, I don’t want to be selfish;  it’s not about me and what I want (whick is only healthy food, of course!) –it is about the BABY.  So I just have to sacrifice and keep giving the little one the chocolate and sugar it wants.  Ohhh the trials of eating for two!  And the other thing is that baby wants to sleep all the time!  Why it’s making me yawn now!  Oh well, if I have to eat chocolate and sleep in every day for the baby, I will suffer through it!  I’m joking!  (Well, kind of…)  I have had a big sweet tooth lately, and the baby does make me more tired, but I don’t sleep in EVERY day!

I might add, Baby’s Daddy has been quite the sweetie lately!  I’ll admit I am getting a little spoiled…seems like we have been going to eat where I want, and buying other little things that I like.  It really pays to be pregnant!

All in all, things are going very well so far.  Didn’t have much of any morning sickness in the first trimester, and even now, there are some common side effects of being pregnant, and aches and pains here and there, but nothing too bad at all.  I think I am VERY blessed compared to what some moms have to endure.  Thank the Lord…He is always better to us than we deserve!  And we are looking forward to raising this child for Him.  What a privilege…and an immense responsibility!

8 thoughts on “The Stork is Halfway Here!”

  1. Well, Jenna wants a boy for W.T., Brandon says boy because he’s tired of girls :), Alyssa, of course, says girl!!! My vote is undecided still. I’m leaning towards boy though.
    Loved the article! Especially all your “sacrifices” for the baby. Isn’t it SO tough being a mom so far? 🙂 For those who can’t see Andrea pregnant – she’s very cute.

  2. I think a boy–Catie says, …”girl-girl-girl!!” Adam says, ” it has to be a boy…” and Papa, says, “girl…” hmmm… Can’t wait!

  3. Hi Andrea!
    Just found your blog via Rebecca Gaus. Love your post about growing up at Fairhaven. Anyways, so excited that you are having a baby! It is one of the greatest joys of life! When are you due? I am expecting number 3 February 12. From reading this post it sounds like we are due around the same time. We just found out last week we are having another girl. I vote boy for you! Either way he/she will be well loved!

  4. Well, I guess boy. Day late and dollar short, as you already know by now. Post a picture already! So glad to hear your pregnancy has been smooth. Praise the Lord.

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