Upcoming Events This Fall

This is not necessarily a post about current things going on in our lives, or recent newlywed experiences–but of what you will be hearing about over the next several weeks. This week kind of starts a busy season off…
First off, everyone knows that Lindsey, Andrea’s sister, is coming out here to visit for two weeks. I can imagine you (or “yous” as they say in York County) will here a good deal about fun things that happen while she is with us. We will be seeing Lindsey in just an hour or so…believe me, Andrea is counting down the milliseconds!
This week also begins Mt. Zion’s missions conference. We will have at our church missionaries from the Arctic, Mexico, and South Africa. I want to write about that a few times also. We will be on our way to a staff luncheon with them in just an hour too. We pray that God will speak to our church as we seek God’s will about giving and service this week.

Around Thanksgiving time, my family will be here to visit for a few days. Black Friday is just after that, of course, too…

Then we are in the Christmas season all of the sudden. I guess my poor wife is the Grinch now, according to my sister-in-law and her blog post! ┬áThe Leslie side of the family will be making there way out to Pennsylvania to celebrate Christ’s birth with us. ┬áMay the time fly!

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