New Discovery…New Favorite!

Autumn Flavor!

Have you seen this cookie flying around the internet lately?  I did, and I had to try it…especially since my Dustin loves all things Apple!  Well, when I bit into one of the cookies, warm out of the oven, I thought, “This is quite possibly the best cookie I have ever tasted” –And I am a gooey, chocolatey, caramel, peanut buttery kind of gal!  But the apple cider flavor in the cookie itself is so vibrant and delicious, not to mention the warm caramel center –heavenly!

Please do make these…unless you are related to me and live in Indiana, because I plan on bringing some with me when I come to see YOU all (Indiana family) next week.  They are a bit of work, and somewhat time consuming, but worth every penny.  My suggestion is to make a big batch and maybe freeze some to pull out later.  That way your time and work is more worthwhile.  And hurry…it just wouldn’t be the same to serve Apple Cider cookies at Christmas time, or Easter!  They are certainly a Fall Favorite!

Oh, and don’t over bake them.  After cooling, mine ended up harder and crunchy.  I think the caramel –being a sugar –heats to a high temperature, and perhaps it cooks the cookie from the inside too.  Never fear, though –if yours cool to a crunchy version, and you prefer the soft, stick it in the microwave for 8-10 seconds for “fresh from the oven” taste!  They’re so much better that way!  Enjoy!