Pine Car Derby!

Have you ever been to one?  I hadn’t before Saturday.  But here at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, it is a big event!  A pine car kit costs about $3.00 for our activity, and consists of a block of wood (must be pine!), four wheels, and axles.  From there, parents and children get together and design it, carve it, paint it, weigh it, and perhaps even bake it, aiming for a creative design and speedy car!  Then the special Pine Car Derby racing track is set up, and when race day arrives, people come from miles around to enter their cars.  Each car has its own name, too!  This year, friends from a church in northern Pennsylvania brought their young ones to race also.  Here are some pictures of the event!


A Wide Assortment of Pine Cars
Pine Car Repair Area


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...complete with all the bells and whistles --AND --a distinguished lady driver with a wide-brimmed sun hat! This one won the most creative design!
Not sure the name behind this one, but it is complete with three riders, and real peices of popcorn on the hood!
The Twix-mobile!

Flower Power!
Award Table
Black cat?
Hershey's...made by a true Pennsylvanian!

I think the following cars were “antiques” made by adults either this year or even in past years…they are pretty creative!

The Track
Ready, Set, Go!!!