How Big is Your Eggplant?

665A0486The Quarryville-Solanco Fair, in the heart of countryville.  The epitomy of “country”.  There are no rides, and only one stand for each type of food, which consists of the following:  One barbecue beef stand, one submarine sandwich stand, one icecream/shake stand, and one funnel cake stand with a VERY LONG line!  Someone really ought undercut those funnel cake people and invent a slightly better recipe –they would certainly make out!  And I don’t know why the submarine sandwich-sellers set up camp right next to the prize-winning barbecue pork!  That was a bad marketing decision!  Hmmm, was that barbecue delicious!  665A0487

Many of the other items at this fair are common to most county fairs; after all, fairs are, in themselves, a sort of celebration of “country”.  There were many sorts of crafts entered in the competition, including quilts, dresses, crocheted items, and even baked goods.  Then there were the canned goods!  I wonder how those are judged…by appearance perhaps!  And there were cows and pigs to be shown and bought.  There were even little duck chicks…adorable!

665A0488Then we saw the produce section!  Tomatoes, corn stalks, forage (like small bales of grass or hay!…now isn’t that going a little too far?!  There were huge pumpkins, and all kinds of garden goods, even eggplant!  I guess it is a contest to see who can grow the biggest and most beautiful items!  Marcia and I decided next year we were going to stop by Weis grocery on the way,and buy some tomatoes to put on a styrofoam plate, and enter them in the fair next year!


How big is your eggplant?!