What Country Bumpkins Do for Fun

665A0481It is true…I am becoming a country bumpkin.  For after my first experience at canning tomatoes, I allowed myself to be wooed into canning green beans!  So for five hours I snapped.  And snapped.  And squirted the green beans at Alyssa.  And snapped some more.  And kept on snapping.  It was a bit different than canning tomatoes with three other ladies helping!   Just Jenny Starr and I worked on two bushels of beans: one for her and one for me.  And what I learned is that it takes a very long time to snap two bushels of green beans!

We did have some entertainment, however, when we learned that upon snapping them, some emit a slight spray of green bean juice on you.  Then, when turned toward Alyssa, Jenna, or Brandon, they emit the same slight spray on them.   So before long, we were reaching across the table, interrupting homeschool work which was going on, and running around from person to person squirting!  I guess that is what country bumpkin children do for fun!  (But I was right in the middle of it too…Does that mean I am one too?!)  At the end of the day I came home with thirty-two pints of green beans to put up on the closet shelf next to the quarts of tomatoes!  They were tasty, but I must say, that if it were not for the fellowship, I probably would not can green beans again!

The Pressure Cookers

The Finished Product