High Tea

Well now, I simply must inform you that I have recently joined high society here in Brogue.  And yester-evening I had the pleasure of attending a Tea!  Of course, it must be admitted that truly, we here at Mt. Zion Baptist Church are not assuming women who put on airs merely to be thought wealthy or of position.  We are simple ladies who try to follow our Lord and love our families, and being all of that same mind, we enjoy one another’s fellowship along the way.  Now, there are some among our company who delight themselves in the English custom of Tea!  They then, have the utmost kindness to introduce others of us, such as myself, to the practice.  We enjoy tea together once every couple of months or so; and the hostesses, might I share, truly exert themselves to ensure it is a most delightful time for us all.

Yesternight was our first Nutcracker Tea.  It was to be filled with “sugar plum fairies and nutcracker sweets” according to the invitation –which, I might add, was quite a beauty in itself!  And it was a splendid evening, I mean a splendid one!…complete with baked potato soup in bread bowls with all of the condiments, pesto/basil mini sandwiches, mini quiches, and numerous delectable desserts including three varieties of chocolate truffles, raspberry-almond tarts, strawberry shortcakes, and others.  And the fellowship –did I mention the fellowship?  It was just as pleasant if not more so than all of the tasty trifles!

Place setting

My chocolate truffles! RRRich!
Strawberry Shortcakes --a work in progress!
Our two hostesses, at right

Pesto-Basil Mini Sandwiches being made
All of our tea cups and saucers...waiting for use!
The little ladies having a party of their own, cracking the nuts!

All of the dainties!
All of the dainites