Happy Thanksgiving

Is this not the most cliché post title in the whole USA right now?  Oh, wait, I forgot to add three exclamation marks to the end of that.  Am I being such a bubble burster right now, or what?  Well, out of the network of family and friends that read our blog and have their own, I probably am the first one to actually post this on Thanksgiving Day!  It’s just after 12:30am here.

Right now, I am enjoying a great cup of black tea (no cream and no sugar, of course!), looking forward to the day ahead.  Don’t worry, I’ll go to sleep soon enough…

For our festivities, we are simply going over to the Hardecker’s home, where it will just be us two, and the three of them.  We got a turkey that is probably way to big for all of us.  Also, Andrea is making cranberry relish (yes, I really do like it a lot, as seen here).  She likes it too, Mom!

Anyways, I hope and pray that thankfulnessis not just a word for everyone this day.  I heard someone say once that thankfulness is the ultimate form of humility and submission: by being thankful, you are admitting to someone that they have done something for you that you either could not or otherwise would nothave done for yourself.  That is what the Lord should be to every Christian: a God who gave something to us freely that we could never attain ourselves: the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus alone.  Therefore–through thankfulness–we admittingly show our God submission and humility.  This is not my “religion” or “conscience.”  It is my sincere belief based on Christ alone.  Nothing can we ever be thankful for, except there be a time in our own life, when we, through faith, were born again through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Only then are we in truth able to grateful to anything or anyone.