International Dinner Activity

Here are some pictures from our teen activity of last Friday.  We set the stage for next week’s Mission Conference with an International Dinner.  The different rooms were Japan, Mexico, Africa, and Israel.  A friend and I did the Mexico room which was lots of work and also fun.   We really enjoyed seeing the other rooms too, though, and partaking of their different foods!

Our Mexico room was complete with decorations, music, a picture slideshow, and Spanish Bibles.  Oh, and how could I forget our two little senoritas?  They learned the words, “Hola” (Hi) and “Pasale” (Come in) just for the occasion.  (I think their mother was tired of hearing them practice those two words all week!)  For tasty treats, we had chips and salsa, Jarritos Mexican Soda, and birthday cake.  You must know, that in Mexico, after singing Happy Birthday (Feliz, Feliz Cumpleanos!), the Birthday person must take the first bite right out of the cake, and while he does so, his face is pushed into the cake!  So we performed that cultural custom on five unsuspecting individuals Friday evening.  We wanted them to have a real, up-close “taste” of Mexican culture!

We used our final, extra cake on this unknowing church member, who just happened to be in the building for another reason and turned out to be a prime candidate!  After all, his birthday really was right around the corner!

This really should be an advertisement for the UN and World Peace.  We have here two representatives from Mexico, one from the Moslem world, one from Africa, and one from Israel!  Can you pick out which is which?  (Hard, I know.)

Moslem-Mexican relations were strengthened at the summit.

Representatives were a little leery of partaking in the communal bowl refreshments hosted by our friend from Senegal, Africa.  However, it must be admitted, the delicacy was tasty, and there have not been any recorded illnesses as a result, so perhaps, as the saying goes, “All’s well that ends well!”

One striking reminder the night brings to mind, however, is the need every one of these countries, and many others have for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but the Scriptures command, “Go ye…”   They do not say give money to those who go.  They do not say only to pray for those who go.  Nor do they say go when you are older, or when the time is more convenient.  Each of us is commanded to “Go”, and I might add, the tense is present.  Who are you going to with the Gospel?  To your neighbors?  To your relatives?  To the cashier at the grocery store?  To your postman?  To your car mechanic?  To your hair stylist?  To the lost and dying of this world?