Home of the Speckhals Family

As of last Friday at around 6:00pm, Andrea and I officially own our first home!  I don’t think that I realized how much was involved, but I am extremely happy with the responsibility we have been blessed with.  We even had a few visitors to: our friend, Salome, from Switzerland, visited last week, and helped A LOT with packing; then, my family came two days after we moved, and helped tremendously with hanging pictures, putting up blinds, and unpacking.  Andrea can tell the rest of the story sometime in the next week…

Anyways, I wanted to share with everyone a few things that I really enjoy about the new house

Sunsets from the back porch (and better yet, sunrises...but no pictures of that yet)
A light post in the front
Someplace to put a grill

And other things, including:

  • A room for the baby
  • New neighbors to get to know
  • Somewhere to spend time outside
  • A nice place to invite friends for dinner
  • A spare room for visiting family and friends
  • The sound of crickets at night instead of cars
We look forward to making many good memories here!