Special Music: Harmonica Style

On to our most recent York County experience–a harmonica special during our Sunday evening service.  Now really, has anyone heard of that?  I remember hearing about it at Mt. Zion about a month ago, but forgot until last night.  We have a few dear, godly older couples in our church, and one of them is the Witham’s.  They are constantly asking if we need anything, and telling us that they are praying for specific things in our lives.  I believe that their interceding for us produced answered prayer in finding our beautiful home and other great provisions from God.  They even brought their car to help us move, and helped all the way.  We really love them.

Well, last night just before the offering, Mr. Witham walks up to the pulpit, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small box.  He opens the box and pulls out a shiny harmonica.  After the prayer, he begins to play one of the neatest specials I have ever heard!  We could tell he had been doing this for a while–it was flawless in our eyes.  He played, What a Day That Will Be, with several different chords of harmony and melody.  The best part, however, was that we knew it was coming from his heart.  Before his special I had rated harmonica playing just one little notch above playing a kazoo.  Now, we are looking forward to hearing it again!