All Moved In; But Not All Out of the Box

What an exciting last two days! We started loading up at 9:00a Monday, and had everything unloaded at our new home at 10:00a. We had two pickups, two cars, and about a dozen hard working men. It made the process straightforward and simple, praise God.
We do not have internet in our home yet, so I’m writing this from church. We were here at a “New to Church” class, which is required for us to take before we officially become members. Just before class, though, I picked up a faint internet signal, looked on Craigslist for some needed furniture, and picked it up about a mile from our apartment. We ended up with a nice coffee table, nightstand, end table, and rocking chair for…$20!!! Everything is in pretty decent condition; the lady said they were making room for her mother-in-law who is moving in to their house soon. I never really knew what this Craigslist thing was before we got married, and now I think I really like it! There is still a ton of unpacking and arranging, but altogether, things are going perfect.
We will be posting pictures soon, so keep posted.