Den Tannenbaum der Speckhals

English- “The Christmas (Fir) Tree of the Speckhals'”

I am a big fan of real Christmas trees.  So that’s one thing that I planned to do when I had my own home.  Locally, there are not a lot of Christmas tree farms, so we went and picked one up from a local grocery store lot–benefits going to the York County Food Bank.  We left the house around noon yesterday to pick out our tree…

After eating some pizza for lunch, we went hunting–for a tree.  Our ceiling isn’t too awfully high, so I knew we couldn’t have some enormous one.  After choosing which type we wanted (Fraser Fir), we had to pick the perfect one.  After just five or so minutes of deliberation, we found “the one.”  It’s a 7 foot tall beauty!

After that, we drove the two miles home, and carried it up the stairs.

Then came all of the light wrapping and decorating, and finally the finished project…

It ended up being far better than we could have expected and more than we deserve!

Mine and Andrea’s wedding presents from each of our respective parents was conveniently our childhood Christmas ornaments that had been saved up through the years.  With that, and some Andrea has collected over the last year, our tree was was abounding with decorations.

We look forward to having our Christmas tree be a part of our family for the next month.

5 thoughts on “Den Tannenbaum der Speckhals”

  1. The tree looks great! That’s the best real tree I’ve seen! The shape & everything are great. So is the decor, of course. You artistic people definitely make things look so much better!

  2. What a beautiful first Christmas tree. I remember our first tree It was real. Now we pull one out of a box — I miss going out to pick one out, but I don’t miss packing it up and taking it to a lot. Have a special first Christmas together.

  3. I really miss a real Christmas tree. Our condo association is a Grinch about real trees, though. The bad part about real ones is getting it out of the house at the end of the season and the needles are falling off. One year, Ben pitched ours out of our 2nd story window to avoid getting needles all over the house!

  4. Wow! Your tree is beautiful! How did I miss this post?? Dustin, your first ornament came from your Uncle Keith and Aunt Teresa…they got you started!

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