Picking Up New Skills…

Over the slower winter months, I have made an attempt at two new skills: crocheting and knitting.  I am no professional, but have definitely enjoyed the experience.  I was taught both types of stitching several years ago, but lacked the time, interest, and practice to develop the skill.  Now, I made a blanket including both knitting (center piece) and crocheting (outer border), and have crocheted a few doilies.  How did I learn?  Well, what I remembered from before, combined with internet articles, video tutorials, a little thinking, and a lot of pulling it out and re-doing, has gotten me this far!  Here are my two completed projects:

My knitted/crocheted blanket
The doilies I crocheted

5 thoughts on “Picking Up New Skills…”

  1. Wow Andrea! I have tried to crochet, but I do not have the patience to rip something out that I work so hard on…hence, I usually ended up with a crooked piece of work. And knitting…that just intimidates me:)

  2. Good for you! They are beautiful! The Christmas of my senior year in college, my Mom purchased the fee for a knitting class as a Christmas present. I loved it! But then while student teaching, I got too busy to keep knitting. I use the Knifty Knitter now but would love to get back into the groove of real knitting. Good for you!

  3. Well Andrea, the Amish ways are rubbing off on you the longer you stay here. You will soon be an official country bumpkin. 🙂 Seriously though, the items look great!

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