And I was just making fun of the snow in my last post…

Reality just hit us right away; or rather it did the day before we left Tulum.  I made sure I checked our flights on Monday, and low and behold, our flight from Newark, NJ to Baltimore was canceled due to snow.  In fact, there are no flights leaving from Newark or to Baltimore until Thursday.  Yes, we are now stuck in Newark, New Jersey: eight miles from New York City.  I find all of this mildly funny.  Even though I supposed to be working now, that is somewhat impossible.  Ironically, I think work is closed today as well.  So, I guess we sort of extended our vacation for a couple of days.  My airline had us not flying out until Friday, whereas we were supposed to be home Tuesday night.  I finagled with them some, however, and got us flying into Washington National Airport tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon instead.  My car is in Baltimore, so my airline is shuttling Andrea and I the 50 miles to the Baltimore Airport.  Even with all of this, though, I am rejoicing!

We could be stuck in the airport hanging out.  I praise the Lord that He directed me to check my flight status on Monday so I could reserve a hotel room on Tuesday.  Also, thanks to, I got a 3 star hotel for about the cost to fill up my car’s gas tank.  So, that’s where we are now: Newark, NJ at a hotel.  Yes, I have to stay tonight too, so I used my trusty Priceline Negotiator to get us another hotel across the highway (that has continental breakfast this time…!!!).

Trust me though; I am not staying in a hotel room all day today!  We plan to head over to the new hotel, drop off our luggage, and head into the Big Apple via the subway.  Andrea has never been there before, so I thought, why not!?  Shhhhh…I am going to make this kind of a Valentine’s Day present for her too.  Thankfully I have some room left in the vacation and gift budget.  I believe in making the best out of a crazy situation.  Here we go…

And to my family: there is no need to worry about us…not that you would…Haha! We are actually kind of enjoying all of this!

4 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. That’s what you get for rubbing it in!! 🙂 Ha! Seriously though, have fun and be very careful. Hopefully, we’ll see you this weekend. 😉

  2. We were just beginning to get concerned…turn your cell phones on!! We love you…glad you are ‘making the best of it’…becareful on that Subway! There are crazy people in New York City:)

  3. Sounds like an interestingly fun vacation! Wait till Bill hears about Ruth Chris! He’ll be jealous. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics of you in your “borrowed” coats in NYC!!!

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