Welcome to my Garden Corner!

We live in a beautiful apartment which we love, but there is no yard, nay even patch of grass we may call ours.  While this frees us from the responsibilities of grass-cutting and yard work, it also eliminates the option of planting a garden. No worries, however!  My kitchen windowsill has become quite the greenhouse!  We have aloe vera, lavender, basil, and cilantro there.  Our “indoor garden” also includes two pathos plants, a Christmas cactus, and two jade plants placed in various other strategic places throughout the house!

Do you love the scent of fresh cilantro like I do? Just bury your nose in those precious sprouts! Hmmm...

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Garden Corner!”

    1. Of course!  They are great decorators too!…They just matched perfectly, so I set them there (not just for the picture, either)!

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