IKEA What?-Part III

Dustin has told you about some of our adventures at IKEA along with our purchase of a new dining room table.  Here is a follow-up about the shelf-work station we purchased the same day.  This was also purchased with Christmas money.  I LOVE it!  It is really more for me than for Dustin.

It consists of a wooden shelving unit with sixteen square spaces for storage or display, and a nice wide desk/work area attached.  It is perfect for my new Cricut Expression and sewing machine.  Both fit on the desk, and depending on which one I am working on at a given moment, I can switch positions of the two, so the right one is there before me as I sit at the desk!  And I REALLY LOVE the storage spaces.  I can keep crafting tools, supplies, manuals –everything in them!

Dustin has called the second room the “Woman Cave”!  I can even set up the ironing board and leave it right there for whenever I need it –don’t have to set it up and take it down every time I need it!  I love my little space!

P.S. In case any family/friends are wondering, we have measured it out and placed the furniture in such a way that our queen inflatable mattress still will fit in the room when guests come!  Never fear!  We still have room for you!

My collage wall...decorated with Lindsey's pictures, a calendar, and some Cricut by-products!
Adjacent wall