IKEA What?-Part III

Dustin has told you about some of our adventures at IKEA along with our purchase of a new dining room table.  Here is a follow-up about the shelf-work station we purchased the same day.  This was also purchased with Christmas money.  I LOVE it!  It is really more for me than for Dustin.

It consists of a wooden shelving unit with sixteen square spaces for storage or display, and a nice wide desk/work area attached.  It is perfect for my new Cricut Expression and sewing machine.  Both fit on the desk, and depending on which one I am working on at a given moment, I can switch positions of the two, so the right one is there before me as I sit at the desk!  And I REALLY LOVE the storage spaces.  I can keep crafting tools, supplies, manuals –everything in them!

Dustin has called the second room the “Woman Cave”!  I can even set up the ironing board and leave it right there for whenever I need it –don’t have to set it up and take it down every time I need it!  I love my little space!

P.S. In case any family/friends are wondering, we have measured it out and placed the furniture in such a way that our queen inflatable mattress still will fit in the room when guests come!  Never fear!  We still have room for you!

My collage wall...decorated with Lindsey's pictures, a calendar, and some Cricut by-products!
Adjacent wall

Interior Decorating

I saw this idea and directions to “do it yourself” here, and I couldn’t resist.  It looked so easy, and seemed to be just my style!  I bought all the supplies: foam board (you can purchase at craft stores, or use what comes in the mail for packing), straight pins (about a ga-zillion!), fabric, and something to mount it with (some used double-sided foam tape, or maybe even sticky-tac…read on to see what I did).

Then today I set to work.  I used 1/2″ thick foam board from Joann Fabrics.  I cut it to the size I wanted…four 12×18″ pieces, and three 12×12″ pieces.  Be careful not to cut through your carpet if you try this!  Measure and cut the fabric about two inches larger on all sides than the size of the foam board you wish to wrap.  Then wrap the fabric around, doing the corners like a Christmas gift, or however you like it.  The original sight that posted this idea gives a good way to do corners.  I just advise you do them all uniformly, whichever way you choose to use.  Then you pin the fabric down into the foam with straight pins at an angle so they do not show through the front of your project.  I used plenty of pins to ensure the fabric was secure.

When finished, mount the pieces how and where you like them!  I mounted these three in our master bedroom (pardon the yellow lighting –I could have waited for daylight pictures, but then you might not be reading this right now!)…

…and came back a while later to this:

…every piece of tape, exactly in position, but no fabric boards!  It was then I realized duct tape was not going to work!  So, in addition, I took one more straight pin and carefully inserted it straight in through the top center (front) of each board (just as if you were nailing something to the wall, only with a straight pin, your fingers, and maybe a thimble.  You can hardly even see it.  I may be the only one who does!

So here are the final results…in three different parts of the house.

So wha’ da ya think?