Chicken Parmigiana

Since I am reorganizing my life and actually planning menus and grocery lists for a change –starting this week, that is –I decided to try Pioneer Woman‘s Chicken Parmigiana.  You can find the recipe here.  It looked delicious, and it had Dustin’s name written all over it!

I think the only variations were splitting the recipe in half since there are only two in our household, eyeing some amounts instead of precisely measuring them, not beating the chicken breasts thin, and adding chicken broth in place of wine.

Here’s how it turned out!


1. Next time I would half or quarter the amount of sugar, as I thought it was too sweet.

2. Dustin likes a bit of sugar in the sauce, something I did not discover until today!

3. It would be nice to pound the chicken thinner as the recipe says to do next time.

4. This recipe uses LOTS of dishes!  *Note to self: Hire a maid next time this meal comes around!

I also made a variation of PW’s Garlic Cheese Bread to accompany the Chicken Parmesan.  I had to vary the recipe since Dustin doesn’t like mayonnaise!  It turned out alright, but it is probably best to stick to the exact recipe.  Maybe we can just come up with our own recipe for a cheesy garlic bread next time!

Altogether, it was a delicious meal, and Dustin really liked the Chicken Parmesan especially!

“Hm, hm, good!”