A Success!

Well after cleaning the house AGAIN top to bottom, and having everything “Just right” (How I love it –but it never seems to stay that way!) –I am kind of obsessive that way! –my Pampered Chef Party WAS held, and it was a success!  Never mind that beautiful tablecloth placed “just so” was covered up by her table mat, and the lovely centerpiece lifted and placed on the counter top, and that rug I washed just for the party, it was shoved aside and out of sight anyway!  All of that pretty much happened before any of my guests arrived!  Oh well, at least my consultant saw it!

At any rate the party was a shining success.  I had between fifteen and twenty guests (some daughters of mothers who came), my kitchen was FULL, the food was delicious, and it was a success for my consultant as well, I believe.  We ate Pork Tenderloin and Mini Chocolate Tiramisu Cakes –Yum for both!

Thank you very much to all of you who were a part!

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