Our Day Off

Well, right now in our lives, we are privileged to have every Monday off together.  It probably will not always work out that way, but for now we enjoy it!  Today we slept in a little; Dustin got up first, had his devos, then went out to mow the lawn.  Eventually I woke up (the baby was very sleepy today!!!), and read my Bible, then went out for a walk.  Finally we left the house, and headed to York.  Most Mondays we go to York and eat at Chipotle (we’ve become quite the supporters of this restaurant!).  Some Mondays we go to  Shrewsbury and eat at Chick-Fil-A –perhaps our second favorite fast food restaurant!  A couple of weeks ago we tried Arby’s, and liked it, so we went back there today.  Then we shopped around at a few stores for some odd things.  Dustin was really spoiling me today…guess it pays to be pregnant!  Then we headed home.

Then I started working in the kitchen.  I cooked up the veggies we had and was able to make two salsas –green and red (WONDERFUL DAY!), and while I was working on the salsa, Dustin started making a New York style Cheesecake!  It is cooking now, and I have ingredients to make a cherry topping to eat with it.  I remember my Mom telling me once, “Andrea, do everything together,”(meaning Dustin and I) and I have to say it was really fun to work together on our kitchen creations today!  Little things like this can make such memorable days!

Hmmmm...a whole quart of each, red and green salsas; now I'm a rich girl!


New York cheesecake in the oven!



2 thoughts on “Our Day Off”

  1. Mmm…it all sounds good! Love how you’re taking such good care of that baby…”The baby is sleepy, the baby is hungry!” 😉

    Love ya,
    Your Sis – who is also dying to know if “it” is a boy or a girl!

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