Missions Conference 2009

Well, things have swirled around quite a bit over the last few weeks, and I haven’t posted much. I think having Lindsey here threw our schedule out of whack a bit, and I never really got to posting anything interesting.  Our Annual Missions Conference went extremely well. That was near two and a half weeks ago now! We had missionaries from Arctic Canada, South Africa, and Mexico. Each had exciting testimonies of how God had worked in their ministries. One message that much of our church remembers was on how to pray for your missionaries. After the message, Pastor Starr typed out the outline and gave it to the church as a guide. We were challenged to pray for five missionaries a week–specifically. The unofficial last night of the conference was on Sunday night, after all of the guest missionaries had left. First, we were challenged with a testimony from our teens highlighting their missions trip to Mexico back in August, then one of our own single young men shared with us his burden for working alongside of a church-planting missionary in Portugal. He will be taking a trip there later this month and a few days into next month.  Praise the Lord for a powerful and Holy Spirit-filled conference!

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