Thirty Day Challenge!

I was presented with a thirty day challenge on a blog I enjoy reading,  It is, to “Give to someone in some fashion every day in November.”  Now I understand we are already two days into November, but you might just as well begin today!  Or tomorrow!  I think it is a wonderful challenge in this materialistic age, and I am excited to do it myself.  Yesterday I shared some homemade pumpkin soup with a friend whom I knew would enjoy it.  Today I wrote a card to mail to my grandmother who is recovering from knee-replacement surgery.  I am adding to the challenge, that it cannot be something I already regularly give, for example, time on a bus route you work each weekend anyway, or time spent with an elderly friend you routinely visit already.

I gave the challenge to my sister, and she said she would definitely do it, with the additional idea of journaling your giving along the way.  Better yet, it might be a wonderful project to work on with your children if you have any.  Maybe this will teach us not only generosity, but gratefulness for what God and others have so undeservedly given to us!

Are you up for the challenge?

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