MZBC Camp 2010

Our church’s camp went extremely well this year!  It was a long week: filled with plenty of action and adventure.  As a whole, we did things such as go-carting, canoeing, swimming, paintball, and a night activity.  Many made good decisions for God, and several were saved.

Sure, I am still catching up on sleep (I think, on average, I went to sleep at 2am, and woke up at 6:00am), and it is a lot of hard work and preparation; but it is all very rewarding.  We had a prayer list of things that we wanted to see God answer at camp, and He answered all of them specifically.  I pray that every decision would be kept for God’s glory.

I could probably go on for a while on everything, but that would all get kind of redundant.  Instead, I’ll just leave everyone with a few pictures:

This was taken before we left with those who rode the bus to camp...about 1/2 of those that actually were from our church.

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