"Silver, Wood, and Ivory"

Gina, Marcia, and I

Two good friends treated me to a fantastic dinner concert Friday evening.  “Silver, Wood, and Ivory” was an incredible performance I would recommend in a heartbeat.  Tracy and Cindy are the names of the two musicians which form this very talented flutist/pianist duo.  You can see their website at  http://www.silverwoodandivory.com/.

Cindy (playing the harp, here) and Tracy (playing the bass flute)

The piano is beautiful, and Tracy’s collection of flutes, recorders, pennywhistles, and other unique pieces including a bass flute and six and a half foot tall contrabass flute is beyond compare!

Tracy's collection
The contrabass flute...taller than I! How I would love just to try playing this once!

We went to Cindy’s home in Lititz, Pennsylvania where we ate a delicious dinner served by a husband-wife chef pair, mingled with Cindy (the pianist) and Tracy (flutist), enjoyed coffee and dessert, browsed their products for sale, then joined the others in the sun room for a thrilling Christmas music celebration!

Our chefs

Their rendition of Sleigh Ride was complete with two sets of sleigh bells;  one Cindy strapped onto her hand while she played the piano, and the other Tracy strapped to the arch of her foot and proceeded to beat out a steady rhythm almost throughout the entire song while still playing the flute!

Tracy's sleighbells!
Tracy's sleighbells!
Tracy playing the bass flute once more

When they began O Holy Night, my mind was transported back to that humble and lowly stable where our Lord and Saviour was born, an outcast among men.  It reminded me of our human plight, doomed to sin and destruction, until our glorious Redeemer was born!  What a merciful God is ours!  What a costly sacrifice!  Such unworthy sinners!  Such amazing grace!  It brought tears to my eyes!

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I look forward to the day I can attend another of their concerts, perhaps to treat a friend of mine!

7 thoughts on “"Silver, Wood, and Ivory"”

  1. I’m so glad that you liked it (I thought you would). I agree that the music was beautiful. Cindy & Tracy are extremely gifted. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow, a bass & contrabass flute!! I remember looking through instrumental magazines when I was younger and wondering what it would be like to play a bass flute.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  3. Oh my! What a treat! What an incredible experience! I didn’t even know such instruments existed! That’s so pathetic… Must have been quite a time with Gina and Marcia for company–how fun!

  4. Reading your blog on SWI reminded me of the great blessing of having friends who love the Lord. He, after all, created music for us to enjoy. That night we certainly heard “heavenly music”.

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