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Yes, that’s me.  Just look at me.  Don’t I have the haggard, refugee look?  I mean, I’ve been through it all: the church (IFB!), the academy, the youth group, the college –the MEXICO TRIP! (oh,no!) –and I even grew up living on campus!!!

And I survived…and very well!  I now am very happily married to a wonderful man, attending church and serving the Lord in a like-minded IFB church in Pennsylvania, have great friends, wonderful relationships with my parents in in-laws, and we are expecting our first baby in February!  I have soooo much more than I ever deserved, and all because of the grace of God in my life.  Boy, is He ever good to me.

Married May, 2009

And a big part of God’s grace to me was placing me at Fairhaven Baptist Church.  My Dad and Mom met at Fairhaven (before they ever were “Dad” and “Mom” –and before I was even thought of!).  They were married and eventually I was born there in Indiana.   Later Sharon and Jim were born, and eventually Lindsey.  Lindsey had lots of complications at birth, and the whole church prayed and prayed for her.  She eventually learned to walk and talk, and today everyone loves Lindsey at Fairhaven –maybe because they remember praying her through those precarious early days!  God is so good to all of us, but often we forget.  I grew up with some friends who have forgotten.  I wonder if any of them remember how God spared and healed Lindsey?  How we all prayed together for her, and saw God’s miracle?

Well, I spent my childhood growing up at Fairhaven, attending Sunday School, riding on the Chesterton bus route that my Dad served on, attending school at the Academy, and going to day camp in the summers.  I loved it!  And I am so thankful for godly parents.  I feel so rich to have had a Dad and Mom who were faithful to read the Bible to us every day and who also were tough on us in order to teach us Biblical character.  Now Mom is in Heaven, but what a legacy and gift she left us.  Of course my parents disciplined us…and thanks to God’s grace in giving me this discipline, I am what I am today.  I would not be the person I am if it were not for the godly discipline in my childhood.  It is Biblical…it’s right.  I count myself privileged to have had the wonderful childhood I had.  I wonder if any of my friends remember those things.

Our family at a Fourth of July concert

Later I entered the Junior High Youth Group.  I loved Junior High.  I really began to have an interest in spiritual things in Junior High.  I accepted Christ as my personal Savior in the eighth grade.  And I even was present on that Mexico Trip of 1997.  For all the criticisms and allegations and bitterness that are taking place right now regarding that trip, I wonder if anyone remembers the trip how I do –?  I remember a trip where I fell in love with the Mexican people, where I treasured every word of Spanish I could learn, where I heard good, Bible messages, and was challenged from the Word of God almost every day –a trip I was sad to see end.  I wonder if my friends remember any of those things about that Mexico Trip?

Don't you just love the hairstyle! It was hot down there!
My friend Becca...I know she won't mind if I post this!?! She's very forgiving like that!

I went on through Senior High and College, and even stayed an extra year before going out on my own.  I consider my education at the Academy and College as superior in every way, and that is very valuable to me.  Why, our teachers labored over their lessons, and loved us and cared for our personal lives too!  Our pastors, Pastor Damron, Pastor Whitecar, Pastor Voegtlin, and Preacher loved us and prayed hours for us!  The Lord gave me a strength of character, and a love for Him and His Word through Fairhaven.  I would not trade it for anything!  Nothing.  I wonder if any of my friends remember how God worked on them during those years.  I know He did, I remember distinct times for some of them…but what happened?  Have they forgotten all of that?  Oh, that they would remember…how much God loves them still!

Our family --and Dustin...He became more and more of a permanent fixture around our house until I finally married him!

Because of Fairhaven, I married my wonderful husband, and because of Fairhaven, and the biblical teaching I received there, we have a wonderful marriage.  Now we are thrilled at the responsibility and blessing God has given us in a little child to be born in February.  We look forward to raising this little one for the Lord too!  We are currently very happy to be serving in an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist church in Pennsylvania.  God is so good to us, and we look forward to all He has in store!  But let us NEVER FORGET everything He has done for us!

Dustin and I in Baltimore last winter
The only picture we have so far of our "soon to be"!

Deu 4:9  Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons’ sons; 

Psa 78:7  That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments:

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  1. Another Amen from another “Fairhaven Survivor!” Praise the Lord for the work He has done in my life and my family through the ministry of Fairhaven Baptist Church.

  2. What a beautiful article! I grew up with Dustin and must say I am so happy for you both! I love reading articles that show people happy in the service of God! God has blessed y’all indeed so very much! I will continue to pray for you both!
    Until He Comes
    Joe Jackson

    1. Joe! It’s very good to hear from you. I heard that you are getting married. Congratulations! We should get together sometime when we visit the area again. I have your email address, so I’ll be sure to get in touch.

  3. Thank you, Andrea! This was a blessing to read as we too are thankful for all the Lord has done for us. We are thankful for all we learned at FHBC as well as for eachother. Joel and I met eachother in college and got married two days after graduation. 🙂 Keep looking to Jesus and NEVER forget His goodness.

  4. Well, I have never done this before, but…..it was such a blessing to see one of those that we prayed and labored for “remember” everything that God has given us instead of blaming God for their own mistakes. Thank you for being a blessing.

    1. Don’t listen to all of that other stuff –there are lots of us who DO remember and ARE thankful. Just read all the above comments, and go to their blogs and read some of the posts they have written. We have a WONDERFUL God, and we will keep praising Him!

  5. I love being a “Fairhaven Survivor”! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You mentioned Lindsey which of course reminds me of Jenni. Our moms would never have met let alone been good friends if it weren’t for Fairhaven and Jenni and Lindsey would never have been friends either. What a wonderful God we have! Thank you so much for your encouraging post!

  6. Just came across your blog and really enjoyed reading this post! Praise the Lord for His goodness in our lives. I too attended Fairhaven for a time when my Dad went through Bible College and I am so thankful for all that the Lord used to help us grow in Him during that time! Blessings to you always!
    *I’m going to bookmark your site! 🙂

  7. Hi Andrea,

    I don’t know you personally, but do know of your family. In fact, your dad has been a real blessing to my family! My brother and sister-in-law (Hammonds) are members at Fairhaven and your dad has made quite an impression on my nephew Trevor.

    My husband and I always count it a joy to be at Fairhaven whenever we’re visiting our family. I’m thankful there’s a solid church to attend while we’re away on vacation.

    Where do you live in PA? My husband is currently on staff at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, and I’ve spent my entire life living here in the Lehigh Valley. I was just curious:). Have a great day!

  8. Thank you so much Andrea. I had goosebumps reading this. I love Fairhaven and I am so encouraged by all the older Farihaven kids who have stuck with it and are serving God. We are all so blessed and definite trophies of God’s amazing grace. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

  9. Thank you for this post Andrea! I couldn’t have said it better myself. It was the grace of God that allowed us the opportunity to grow up in such a wonderful, loving church. I am so thankful for that opportunity. Thank you for the reminder of how truly blessed we are.

  10. Just catching up on my reading this snowy day. What a blessing this post has been to me. I am glad that God brought you here to PA and am thankful for all of those who have encouraged you in godly things. That teaching and encouragement has certainly been used by God to make you the wonderful lady that I know today!

  11. Andrea,
    I just read this and looks I’m a bit late to this post, but… GREAT article!
    Sounds so familiar to what I experienced growing up! 🙂 (I wonder why)
    Glad you took the time to share your thoughts. Hope all is well in PA!

    – Roger

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