Judgement Cometh

...and that right soon.

If you haven’t already, get out and vote!  Make it a priority!  Vote for freedom and prosperity!  Vote for conservative, Constitutional candidates!

…I had to get that little rant out.  I am especially glad I have done my part to kick out Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  My vote for Pat Toomey for US Senator I give gladly!  On top of that I have given my vote to Tom Corbett for governor, and Todd Platts for Congressman.  Both Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett winning would be “pick-ups” for conservative Republicans.  With that said, here are a few humble predictions of mine for today.  We will see how right (or wrong!) I was by tomorrow.

  • Pat Toomey(R) will defeat Joe Sestak(D) by 5 points here in PA.
  • Next door, in Delaware, Chris Coons(D) will only defeat firebrand Christine O’Donnell(R) by 6 points
  • Far out west in Nevada, Harry Reid will be defeated by Sharon Angle, but probably by less that we would hope–around 3 points.
  • Colorado, I think, will not be all that close.  Ken Buck(R) will win over Michael Bennet(D) by 6 points.
  • In California, this may be closer than expected, but I still thing ol’ Barbara Boxer(D) will hang on by 2 points against former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina(R).  If she is losing by tomorrow in a narrow race, expect plenty of lawsuits.
  • Washington is a liberal state.  However Dino Rossi(R), will very narrowly win this after the week is over against Patty Murray(D).  There may be plenty of recounts here…
  • Also a place worth watching closely is Illinois.  I think that Mark Kirk(R) will get more real votes than Alexi Giannoulias(D).  However, this is the state where “Crook” County is found.  Complicating the situation, Chicago swindling and politics may just pull this one off for the Democrats.  I sure hope its a wide enough margin here for Mr. Kirk(R), so Chicago and Mayor Daley won’t be able to make votes come out of thin air, and rig this election.
  • The there’s West Virginia.  Unfortunately though, the Democrats have found their winning strategy here in Joe Manchin(D).  Mr. Manchin has come out as a conservative, “Palin-ite”, Democrat.  Even just yesterday, he said that he and Palin were “friends.” John Raese(R) has a tough one to pull off here.  I think that Manchin(D) will win by five points here, possibly more.

As a summary to all of that, I expect the senate to be broken up as 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans.  Perhaps this isn’t all that optimistic, but I think I am being pretty conservative in my estimates.  In the House of Representatives, though, GOP gains will be HUGE.  I honestly think that 65 seats is probable, possibly more.

Now, the Democrats are going to make this their victory somehow.  They will probably make anything less than a full Senate takeover as a GOP loss, and anything less than 60 seats as a victory for them too.  Just know, if anyone makes either one of those two points, just say that a turnover in this proportion has not happened since the Great Depression.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote!